Personal Stories

Vince — Rebirth July 2014


This is about my lung transplant but an important part is missing – the love and support I received from my daughters (Julia, Melanie and Aimee) and my partner Chris.  They were there all the time including during the critical operation – I can’t express how much it meant to me.  It made the world of difference to my attitude and my survival.

Another person that I’m in debt to is Merv Sheppard who convinced the health authorities that fitness rather than age was the determinant …

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Rina’s story – a father’s wish

Strong, Brave, Loving, Determined, Generous, Husband, Father, and Grandfather – this is who my father was and so much more. He was a man who believed in helping others, serving his community and being a good father and grandfather.

In 2012, my father was diagnosed with IPF. We didn’t know a lot about it but after researching over the internet, meeting with his physicians and learning about the disease, we knew this was very serious. Not surprisingly, however, this did not hold my dad back. He …

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Robert’s Story – never surrender

As Heather told you in her story I was pretty blasé when I got the diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis in October 2007. I had never heard of it and just thought, “oh well, that’s what I’ve got”. I soon found out different.

I first noticed a breathing problem in May 2007 while doing the fitness test for the Class 2 soccer referees. I just about scraped through but had serious problems the next day and went to my family doctor. She sent …

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Heather’s Story – a caregiver’s perspective

In January 2009, Robert got a cold. He seemed to shake it off fairly well. However, this seemed to accelerate the disease. Robert went traveling later that year, to China and to Scotland. He felt he must get in some travel this year, in case it was not possible later. He spent a week refereeing “the little ones’ at the USA Cup in Minnesota. He has done this week refereeing annually since 1995, refereeing the oldest teams. This latest trip will be his last.

The …

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Living life to the fullest with IPF

My husband Dave was diagnosed with IPF after a long and painful process of going to multiple doctors and getting numerous investigations done. He had been short of breath for 2 years before he was referred to the ILD clinic and the correct diagnosis could be made. I guess that I would like to start by thanking our lung doctors (ILD expert and pulmonary rehabilitation medicine specialist) for the support and care that they provided to my husband David and myself. Dr. Kalluri was with …

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John’s Story – advocate for yourself

John Moffat
A Battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis

John Moffat, Life Member of the Canadian PGA, loving husband to wife and partner Wendy, father and mentor to Keri and Ashley, succumbed to Pulmonary Fibrosis November 29, 2011 at the age of 66, after an impressive three year battle.

John was first diagnosed in March of 2009 when a bout of pneumonia took him to the Emergency Department and his chest x-ray showed some cloudiness in his upper right lobe of his lung. A subsequent CT scan …

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Caden’s Quest – young people can help

Caden’s Quest to Help Find a Cure

A very special congratulations to Caden Hart, who on August 29 completed his very own quest to raise awareness of Pulmonary Fibrosis and generate funds to support research into the deadly disease in memory of his Granny Rita. The Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation was honoured to receive $1060 from 8 year old Caden from Nelson House, Manitoba. These generous funds will contribute to research for a cure for Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Caden’s mother Candace wrote about the inspiring initiative by young …

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